Community Outreach

Given the industry oriented scope of the proposed research and existing collaborative environment among a sizable number of key stakeholders with diverse skill sets, TurboRAN enabled research will offer opportunities for increased partnerships between academia and industry, thereby serving as a hub for innovation in ultra-dense cellular mobile networks.

TurboRAN will be based in the Tulsa, Oklahoma campus of the University of Oklahoma (OU), which is currently the home of the state’s only major educational program in Telecommunications Engineering. In addition to enabling unprecedented research on emerging topics in 5G, hundreds of postgraduate and undergraduate students are expected to benefit from the testbed through the integration of numerous experiments as part of courses offered by the telecommunication program at OU. The PIs’ current education programs are recognized for promoting diversity in the engineering profession. Students include several female Ph.D. students and others from unrepresented groups. The PIs will continue to attract talented minority students. The PIs conduct a range of K-12 outreach and REU activities. TurboRAN infrastructure will attract and inspire even more young minds for STEM research. Results and data produced by TurboRAN will be made accessible to the broader research community by maintaining a TurboRAN website. Tutorials on the TurboRAN program will be presented at a major ComSoc Conferences. PIs already have vast experience in presenting tutorials at flagship conferences.